lotus flame - hand painted meditation accessories
                       ©Celestial Angel Stargate
                     ©The Celestial Avatar Angel Goddess
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                                    The Celestial Angel Stargate
I am an angel channeller/healer reaching up to the highest dimensions. My spirit soul lineage has very strong connections in the angelic realms going right back into my past existences. I am well established and respected in these realms, dimensions.
The beautiful  Celestial Angelic Realms where the celestial colours an celestial music is exquisite. The halo's shine bright, the robes and mantles have been woven in divine love and light. Every fibre is made of dedication, truth, honesty, with emblems embossed of gold.
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                                Tending Feathers
Whilst you are tending the feathers of others~take a little time for yourself in your sacred space to refresh,, generate and regenerate. This enables more feathers to come through.
                               Angelic Blessings
                                       All copyrights © owned by author Doreen Renphrey