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                  ©The Celestial Avatar Unicorn Goddess    
                                                       All Copyrights ©Author Doreen Renphrey
                           I am in the process of writing a book on the
                                   Celestial Unicorns and designing a
                                         unicorn meditation wrap.
                                  Celestial Unicorns Stargate
Unicorns represents truth, purity, enlightenment and transformation. Has both the yin and yang balance. Usually seen as white or silver in colour and has a strong association with the moon. Closely associated with spiritual royalty and heraldy. Its singular horn representing unlimited individual power.
                      The Unicorns Celestial Whispers of Wisdom
                               Celestial Unicorns Purity of Water
There was a bright blue summer sky with the sun burning in the sky making it a wonderful summers day. There in the end of the lush green field was a secret garden that the celestial unicorns had a key to the stargate. There was also a waterfall if the most beautiful aquamarine colour water and as the water poured to the bottom, a pool had formed. Growing up the sides of the waterfall were aquamarine crystals that had been growing for millions of years. The reflection of the aquamarine crystals into the water sparkled and danced upon the pebbles.
The celestial unicorns drank from the pool and were revitalised an refreshed instantly. Some had entered to water to bath and to cool.
What a beautiful sacred place this secret garden is...so full of purity.
The celestial unicorns teaching is~to have such a beautiful secret garden~to have such purifying water to drink and to bath in. Then one has to make it so, never pollute, never contaminate the waters, look after and respect it. Beautiful Terra Gaia has much water and beautiful places~make it so.
                                       Whispered Blessings
                                                     All copyrights© Author Doreen Renphrey
                                     Avatar Unicorns Wisdom
There was a full moon that shone brilliantly bright that even the nights shadows were pale. There appeared from the moon a silver path that reached to the open field, on beautiful Terra Gaia. There were many avatar unicorns galloping on the path in somewhat of a hurried pace. They were searching looking, scanning the ground for a desolate, barren piece of land.
Every now and then you could hear the unicorns whispers louder, they would gather in a circle to make their decision. It eventually became decided on which piece of land they would work on. As they are of purity they were going to plant the highest source seeds on the barren land. The night of the full moon was an excellent night as the energies are more powerful.
The unicorns teaching is~leave no stone unturned~if you want to leave a good legacy on beautiful Terra Gaia, choose the purist ingredients and sow them at the right time.
                           Whispered blessings
                                                                      All copyrights©Author Doreen Renphrey 
                                            Unicorn Jewels
Through the fluffy clouds there was heard the whispers of the unicorns,
the brilliance of their whiteness flashed through the skies.
Amongst them, the avatar unicorn Goddess blessed each of the unicorns with celestial blessings and divine love. She looks after, protects, provides and cares for them all. She is their guardian and keeper~ the great gold God, Goddess. 
The unicorns were adorned with the jewels of their crowns, of many colours, these  jewels were well earnt and achieved. As the unicorns earn and achieve more~then their jewels sparkle and shine brighter.
The unicorns teaching is~know that you have to earn honestly to achieve such honoured adornments.
                                     Whispered Blessings
                                                                  Copyrights ©Author Doreen Renphrey
                                        Unicorns Purity
Auras and energy fields can pick up a lot of debris during the day when you are out and about travelling, shopping or at work. There is a lot of negativity in many places and around some other people. Of course we do an aura cleanse by smudging or spraying aura mist around us and this truly helps....but there is more.
The unicorns teaching is~always work in truth and honesty in all that you do, it is an automatic cleanser. Then your cloaks that you are weaving will have that same signiture embedded in every fibre. It will make your aura and energy field stronger and brighter, helping to keep out negativity and debris 
                                        Whispered Blessings
                                         All Copyrights©Author Doreen Renphrey