lotus flame - hand painted meditation accessories
Celestial spiritual warrior
Lightworkers planetary work.     
Weekly lightworking group.
Working on all levels, from the 
                          deepest of depths to the highest of heights.
The art of meditation.
Learning the art of meditation,
includes discipline, remaining focused,
breathing, rooting and anchoring,
building your energy sacred space sanctuary
and protecting it, making it work for you.
Spiritual/psychic development.
Weekly session. All levels from beginners to advanced. 8 weekly session blocks so that the development is meticulous in the advancement.
No drop in session as this can be disruptive to the energies.
1 to 1 or group.
Mediumship development/advancement.
Serious developers, acceptance by interview. Regular attendance required for in depth advancement in covering all aspects of mediumship, from beginners class to advanced class.
Spiritual/psychic art.
You do not have to be good at art or drawing to do spiritual/psychic art. You will be amazed at the wonderful art that sometimes comes through, waking up beautiful skills that you did not realise were there
1 to 1 or group sessions.
Transformational sessions 1 to 1.                                           
Only 1 to 1 for the transformational sessions enabling you to have the total attention that you need. Usually starts with a block of 4 weekly sessions, so there is time between each session for the transformation to integrate. There-after 2 sessions a week is fine if required or continue 1 x weekly.
Spiritual path advancement/building spiritual homes.
1 to 1 or group.
There is more to building a spiritual home than most people think about. The foundations, structures, strands have to be extremely strong.The standards are being raised at this time, so earning a place to build your spiritual home on a higher plane and earning the building blocks to do so is very important.