lotus flame - hand painted meditation accessories
Complementary therapies and treatments have been practised going back through the centuries long before orthodox medicine was in existence, after all, that was what there was, learning the remedies through experience. The complementary /alternative therapies and natural treatments have evolved and advanced even more, through more advanced knowledge, study, techniques and the standards of qualifications to practise being raised. Although there can by law be no claim of cures. If there is a medical condition present then you have a choice as to whether you consult an orthodox Doctor for tests and medication and possible surgery. You should always disclose to the complementary practitioner of any condition that you have, and visa versa, if you are receiving medical help from a Doctor tell them of any complementary treatments you are receiving, so that you are getting the best help, and so that one treatment does not counteract the other. Enjoying the best of health,
preventing dis-ease.
Personal responsibility.