lotus flame - hand painted meditation accessories
                   Enchanted Star Inspirations
         ©The Celestial Elemental Avatar Goddess
                                         All Copyrights owned by ©Author Doreen Renphrey.
10th December Full Moon.
         ¨´`'*°✫¸Celestial stars~Equillibrium full moon¨´`'*°✫¸
This is the month of winters powerful solstice~the equillibrium of light and dark hours. With the energies being so powerful~keep balanced~keep rooting down~keep anchoring~There are celestial downloads of information that is being transmitted down on beautiful Terra Gaia via the celestial stars system. Winters season may appear to be quiet, but at this time there is much important work being attended to.
                                     All copyrights owned by author © Doreen Renphrey
Working meticulously thoroughly in all that is done there will be no loop holes and no fraying of the cloth that is woven. There will be no need to back track to repair the cloth. A (((masterpiece))).
                                 All copyrights owned by author © Doreen Renphrey
                                 ¨´`'*°✫¸Lightening Moon
Tonights full moon~Lightening Moon~has very powerful cosmic electricity  energies. To spark up and ignite any stagnated areas,clearing negative energies. To make the way for a powerful full moon journey that has sparkles flying in all directions.
                                 Celestial moon blessings
                                                                     All copyrights © owned by author Doreen Renphrey
                                 My Sacred Space in Nature. 
A magical season, whatever the season. To walk with nature, observe, learn, enjoy every part of natures aspect. Talk with nature it hears your. Feel natures presence, sense the environments in all your walks with nature. Renjenerate with nature to feel that enchanted zest for life that nature has. Make for yourself a sacred space with nature...put it in your memories diary to do this regularly.
                                Sweet Natures Blessings
                                                            All copyrights © are owned by author Doreen Renphrey
                                            Moon Creativity
Beautiful celestial full moon brings with it opportunities for astro-energenic creativity, that will infiltrate to the physical realms. Creative celestial moon pollen sporing on beautiful Terra Gaia.
                             Celestial moon blessings
                                                     All copyrights© owned by Doreen Renphrey
                                          The Buck Moon
Magical full moon July 14th 2011. Prepare yourselves for an enchanting
time by meditating with the moon.
So called a buck moon due to the buck deers new antlers coming through covered in beautiful velvelty fur. The buck moon is in zodiac sign of Capricorn.
The buck moon will inspire you to anti clutter and make a crearing space for new beginnings, a new project, a move of advancement and new growth.
                               Magical moon blessings
                                                 All copyrights © owned by Doreen Renphrey
                        The Buck Moon is also known as.
English~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thunder Moon
English~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Corn Moon
Colonial American~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summer Moon
Chinese: Hungry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ghost Moon
American Indian ~Cherokee~~~~~~ Ripe Corn Moon
American Indian ~Choctaw~~~~~~~Crane Moon
American Indian~Dakotah Sioux~~~Moon of the Middle Summer
Celtic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moon of Claiming
English Medieval~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mead Moon
Neo Pagan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rose Moon
       ✫♥.¨♫¸.✫¨´`'*°✫¸Angelic Greetings..✫¨¸♥.♫¸..✫´`'✫
Golden hearts can make celestial music of angels singing with their golden harps at hand that is heard across the galaxies. Others will stop and listen to the golden hearts composition, and follow the sacred sounds.
                           ♫~♫~♫ (an orchestra of celestial harmonics) ♫~♫~♫ 

          ✫♥.¨♫¸.✫¨´`'*°✫¸Angelic Blessings..✫¨¸♥.♫¸..✫´`'✫
  All copyrights© owned by author Doreen Renphrey
                                               The Star Ray
Across the cosmos there are trillions of stars sparkling down on Terra Gaia.
The star rays are shining on the planet, nature and the kingdoms leaving a trail of magical star dust. If you rise early from your sleepy bed you can see the sparkles particlarly in the morning dew. With your finger gently touch the morning dew drop...just one touch on the tip of your finger. Then put the drop on top of your head for the enchanting magical star light to ignite with your spirit and soul. Know that you will look at nature more intently from now to become more aware of these magical happenings.  
                              Starlight Blessings.
                                                         Copyrights©Author Doreen Renphrey
                                            The Lotus Moon
With the moons energies in this month of June there is much magical energy. The lotus moon at this time is working with the elementals, nature and the magical, enchanting, majestic unicorns. The unicorns are pure in their intentions and actions. Much respect must be shown to them as their energies resonate in those vibrations.
Oh beautiful lotus moon and unicorns, your energies are so pure.
I am will to learn from your precious teachings, to advance for sure.
                                   Lotus moon blessings
                                                                                        ©Author Doreen Renphrey
When at night I close my eyes and see you in my dreams,
how wonderful it is when dawn breaks I still see your cloaks with silver seams. Yes...... you are still with me.
                                     Lotus moon blessings
                                                                                        ©Author Doreen Renphrey
The moons magical silver rays dance upon beautiful Terra Gaia's kingdoms. Nature at this time is sparkling with the enchantment of the elementals preparing for the summer solstice.
                                    Lotus moons blessings
                                                                 ©Author Doreen Renphrey
                                           Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice today magical time with midsummers day and midsummers night. The nature spirits are busy with their tasks getting everything in order for the season. A celebration to be had by all the elementals and nature spirits. They have worked well and the seeds they had sown are now growing, some blooming and blossoming. You can smell the fragrances that are filling the air. Summers colours have come from natures magical palette
that only natural nature can produce.
                                  Lotus moons blessings
                                                          ©Author Doreen Renphrey