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                             The Golden Pheonix
                    Teachings of Transformation
The golden pheonix is an ancient bird and ancient texts have documentation on different beliefs.
It is sacred to Ra the sun God, It represents one of the  four sacred animals each guarding the directions on the earth planet. Represents the solar yang and the lunar yin~having the balance of both these powers.
The golden pheonix is known for rising from the ashes and managing to generate and regenerate into a more advanced state. The pheonix is meant to only appear once in every 500 years or so which is very applicable to its appearance now. It is known to appear in particular times to herald a new life changing astronomic time, it will then return to heaven.
We are are aware of this transitional time on Terra Gaia with 2011~2012 changes, hence the beautiful golden pheonix has arrived to teach transformation. 
The pheonix represents justice, the sun, fidelity, truth, obediance, loyalty, rebirth, progression, advancement, transformation, and immortality.
                         Golden blessings
                                   Copyrights©Author Doreen Renphrey
                                   The Golden Pheonix Flow.
The golden pheonix teaching~do not clutter up~work through each of your daily tasks, your projects and your lifes lessons. This will transform any stagnation and blockages into fuel to flow along in advancement and progression.
                         Golden blessings
                                         Copyrights©Author Doreen Renphrey