lotus flame - hand painted meditation accessories
     © lotus flame                                         
            Sacred space
                      aura essence mist
                                    for meditation

The essences have been blessed and sacredly created in a quartz crystal singing bowl attuned to the musical note B which is the crown chakra. Aligning you to your higher self making your meditations much more focused, with more clarity, helping you become more enlightened, with more of an uplifting meditation. The essence can help you create your sacred space, clearing away negative/stagnant energy. Helps you be in the space for a relaxed meditation to help your meditations become more advanced. 
The essence can be misted in your altar space giving a purifying sacred space, misted around your room cleansing the energies. misted around your aura/energy field,
The essence has also been solarized, crystalized and encoded with sacred sound of the quartz crystal singing bowl, angelic/crystal tuning forks and sacred sound harmonics, and the purist of essential oils which are organic.
Cost £8:oo each.  plus p&p £3..
coming soon ©spiritual guru celestial aura essence mist.